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The third party provider's MT4 Bridge is not a technical solution provided by Dukascopy Bank SA, the latter shall bear no liability of any nature towards customers or third parties for the availability, integrity, connectivity, proper functioning of the aforementioned bridge, for its synchronisation with the SWFX and the MT4 platform, or otherwise in relation with it and its use by anyone.

As the third party provider's MT4 Bridge is offered by an independent third party, the use of such technical solution will trigger additional fees for users, which may impact the performance of trading and/or create potential conflicts of interests.

Please note that Dukascopy Bank SA may - to protect its interests or those of its clients and without any liability towards users or third parties - suspend with immediate effect access and connectivity of the SWFX Marketplace Trading System with the third party provider's MT4 Bridge, without prior notice. Dukascopy does not solicit people to use, or in any other way recommend using the third party provider's MT4 Bridge.
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